Mike- one security services is a South Africa based security enterprise which was born from a vision shared by its founder’s MR M.T MNISI and M.C NGWENYA who founded MIKE ONE SECURITY SERVICES in the year 2006, Although distinctly from deferent backgrounds, they complement each other in the role of business partners and share a work ethic that encompasses commitment, emotional intelligence and organizational trust. Mike-one has three divisions, the MIKE-ONE GUARDING DIVISION, MIKE-ONE SURVEILLANCE, and MIKE-ONE VIP PROTECTION DIVISION, they were established to primarily to assist in the combating of crime and protection of life and

property of the citizens of this beautiful country To this end, it is the Mike-one employee synergy that truly separates the company from its competitors. Hardworking, motivated and dedicated to serving the best interests of their clients, the commitment of the Mike-one staff goes above and

beyond contractual obligations and ordinary expectations. This Commitment has given rise to the core fundamentals stated in the Mike-one security services mission.